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Source: azfamily.com http://www.azfamily.com/clip/12692373/dr-art-mollen-discusses-valley-fever… Read More

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Source: azcentral.com (Photo: Getty Images) Sinus headaches are caused by inflammation in your sinus cavities around your nose, eyes and cheeks Migraine suffers often experience an “aura” and the headache is usually one-sided Although lifestyle modifications may be useful, several alternative supplements may help Migraine sufferers ought to identify the triggers that precipitate their headaches… Read More

"Mollen started running as a medical student in Philadelphia, having become interested in exercise as preventive medicine, as compared with the reactionary disease treatment he was studying in class. He picked up the pace after moving to Phoenix to work at Luke Air Force Base, spending his free time running laps around the parking lot… Read More

Ask Dr. Art Mollen

Dr. Art Mollen’s live television segments air weekly on KTVK Channel 3 Good Morning Arizona at approximately 8:15a.m. on Sundays. Tune in for suggestions and remedies for health questions concerning you. Do you have a question for Dr. Art Mollen? Send your questions here… Read More

Anti Aging

https://youtu.be/q5P5hw0pF_M… Read More

Diet Mistakes

https://youtu.be/CsnZaXJm2Q8… Read More


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